Impact On Student Success

In Person Drive Through Haunted House

Leigh High School annually hosts a Haunted House in our theater. With the impacts of the pandemic we were uncertain whether we could keep our 11 year long tradition going. 

I had a student email me about the idea of transitioning the event form being in our theater to being a drive through style with several scenes the cars would stop at and watch.

This show was quite a challenge to build. Normally it consists of over 100 students between actors and technicians, and takes three months to prepare. This year we built the physical structures in 10 days, and did all acting prep in 2 weeks with a total crew of 28 students.

Where I saw the most impact in particular was with one student whose parent made a scene at the actual show. The parent refused to wear her mask, and escalated much further. We got the parent to exit the haunt and then I had a really meaningful talk with the student.

He discussed how he's been feeling isolated at home and his motivation had dragged. Having this one one in person outlet was reinvigorating to him, and helping him to focus in his other classes as well. He apologized for his mother, and thanked me for making the opportunity for him and the others involved in the show.

Reviews Of What I Do

  "Jonathan Yani has been an incredibly dedicated and passionate teacher in the Performing Arts Department. He consistently goes out of his way to discover innovative ways to educate his students all while making sure they all have what they need fundamentally. His students and his program is lucky to have him as their Theater Director."

- Alex Christensen, Performing Arts Dept. Chair

"Jonathan got dealt a difficult hand, but he's persistent. For every hurdle, he found a solution. For every difficult situation, he implemented a new policy and always worked to be a better communicator. He came in green, but he's ready to go now. He's a hard worker and a good teacher."  - Miguel Castillo, Reflective Coach

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